New Website Launched for Catherine Bobbs

September 24, 2012 | No comments yet

I recently moved from Cleveland to Houston to be nearer to her grown daughters and their families. Although it was incredibly difficult to leave my beloved studio in Cleveland, I knew the timing was correct. My son, Nicholas, had just finished high school and was off to Harvard University, and my twins, Susanna and Bethany, whom I home school, are still young enough to acclimate to a new home. So the difficult decision was made. How does one start a brand new studio? In the past, with both my successful studios in Los Angeles and Cleveland, my studio grew due to referrals to me by past or current local students. But I don’t know anyone in Houston. So I entered the 21st century much to my dismay, and launched a website. I am hopeful that past students can keep up with my family and me through this new medium, and new students can get to know me. I am also planning on keeping families up to date as to community events, competitions, festivals, recitals and general information regarding the studio through this new website. Please feel free to give me advice as to how I may improve this site as I am definitely in above my head with all this new technology.


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