February Newsletter 2013

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Junior Festival News
The festival date for all of the students is February 16th.. All the students have their festival pieces and should be practicing them diligently everyday. Please ask your child which pieces they are performing for the festival, and ask them to perform them for you regularly. Junior Festival is a private adjudicated event. The children will perform individually before the judges. This is not an event for family and friends to attend. The Junior Festival will take place at the South San Jacinto College, 13735 Beamer Rd., in the Music Building. Information with the exact times, rooms and maps will be handed out as soon as it is available. Students are required to bring the original music (no photocopies or the student will be disqualified) and be appropriately dressed for an audition.

Rehearsal Recital on February 10 at 4:00
There will be a rehearsal recital for this festival on the afternoon of Sunday, February 10 at Sagemont Church,. 11300 South Sam Houston Pkwy E in room 1127 at 4:00 pm. Although this is a rehearsal, the students should prepare for this as if it is the real thing. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend. Please bring a dessert for the children to enjoy following the rehearsal recital. Students should dress in appropriate recital attire which means no sneakers, jeans or nail polish. Please bring your music so I can write up constructive comments during your performance which will be helpful in preparing for the auditions the following week.

Congratulations to Bethany Bobbs who took honorable mention in the Houston Civic Symphony Concerto Competition for 5th through 8th grade musicians on Saturday, January 26. I am a proud mother and teacher.

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