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Welcome to Catherine Bobbs Piano Studio!

CLASSICAL MUSIC is the core of the curriculum as all music can be understood through its studyIn my studio, the students learn to play classical piano at a unusually fast pace.  The motivated student, even as young as 6 years of age, could begin to learn the classics within the first year of piano.  I believe in developing the students’ technique, reading skills, musical gestures and rhythmic coordination through the literature of the great classical composers.  The lessons always include technique (scales, arpeggios, etudes), literature appropriate to each child’s level and skill, and theory.

Why Catherine Bobbs Piano Studio?

The curriculum is designed to encourage sound musicianship and beautiful piano playing. To these ends, students are immersed in the following concepts:
THEORY - A significant part of each lesson is devoted to understanding and reinforcing basic concepts regarding harmony, rhythmic notation, and musical symbols. Age-appropriate games and enrichment activities are used.
RHYTHM - As possibly the single most important aspect of music, students are steeped in motor activities from the beginning lessons to encourage the sense of a strong beat, the ability to imitate a rhythm pattern, and to produce more and more complex rhythms. Rhythm games are often used for these activities.
READING - In order that students can eventually play any type of music they desire, reading intervals on the staff which is paired with staff reading, is taught along with rhythmic reading .. All reading activities receive a high priority in the curriculum.
TECHNIQUE - To ensure comfort and facility while playing the piano, students are taught proper physical approaches from the beginning lessons. Excellent fingering habits are taught through scales and chords and well-chosen repertoire and etudes. Technique for its importance to achieving mood and character is a constant theme.
Each student’s LEARNING STYLE is realized through the individual attention. Students are encouraged to explore CONTEMPORARY OR OTHER MUSICAL STYLES and the corresponding skills which interest them and which allow them to fully express themselves.
PERFORMANCE is key as well in my studio.  The students perform in seasonal recitals, adjudicated festivals, age appropriate competitions, and in ensembles.  Performance teaches the valuable skill of self presentation, confidence, and poise.


Catherine is an excellent piano teacher & is very patient & kind with her students. She has high expectations and helps them excel and compete.

Reviews From Angies List
Catherine is an excellent piano teacher! She taught two of my children from the beginning (age 7) and they learned so much in three years. She understands children and education!

Reviews From Angies List
Catherine Bobbs is highly experienced, disciplined and caring. From the very start she guided me and exposed me to music and opportunities for me to play in festivals and competitions. Catherine has a gentle, patient approach to her teaching that is still disciplined and upholds her high standards of excellence. Her students thrive under her care. Also, Catherine is organized and methodical. Her rates are an excellent value. Highly recommended.

Reviews From Angies List
As a piano teacher she is the BEST out there.  She is able to relate with children of any age.  She has an amazing memory when it comes to remembering what each of her students are working on...in addition to her being a Master pianist herself.  She is not only the BEST teacher in any subject my children have taken...she is the BEST teacher even when I compare her to all of my instructors in any subject throughout my life. There are many great pianists in the world...there are pianists who can groom great pianists...but rarely will you find a person that encourages the love of music in your children while teaching all of us to be better in all that we do.  I have no words to express how in awe I am of this wonderful teacher.  We were all heartbroken when she had to leave our city.  If Houston doesn't want her, we will gladly take her back up here in Cleveland!  :-)

Reviews From Angies List
Under Mrs. Bobb's instruction, I saw my daughters grow tremendously in terms of their technical ability and in terms of their appreciation for classical music. She has a way of holding the students to a very high standard but being very positive and encouraging at the same time. She pays attention to every little detail but does not overwhelm the student with too much feedback all at once. I love how she narrows in on a few key items for the student to improve upon and then goes from there. I was a huge fan of the excellent, classical pieces of music my girls learned throughout the year and I loved that Mrs. Bobbs put a greater emphasis on learning pieces well than on progressing from piece to piece quickly. Overall I can't recommend her highly enough. We were very sad to lose her as a teacher when she moved to Texas.

Reviews From Angies List
It's been amazing. They've been her students since 2005. She is extremely disciplined, but she has a way of making classical piano fun for the kids. She's never cancelled a piano lesson on me. If I have to cancel she swtiches her schedule around to make sure we get our lessons in.

Reviews From Angies List